Useful Tools & Websites

Many parents often express their concerns about how to manage technology and keep up with the changing nature of new apps and online risks. This is especially challenging when compared to the easy navigation of the online world by their digitally native children.

The good news for parents is that technology itself can be a powerful tool in managing devices and keeping children and teenagers safe in the online world.

Helpful Tools

See below for our tried-and-tested recommendations for helpful cyber safety tools for Australian families.



Family Zone is one of the world's leading tools for parents to manage their child's online behaviour. Family Zone allows parents to set bedtimes for kids, restrict access to social media platforms, and filter inappropriate content. Unlike many other similar tools, Family Zone settings remain applied outside of the home.

In additional to practical settings and filters, parents also receive expert advice from industry specialists, providing information on the latest apps, sites and trends that all parents need to be aware of, plus custom designed age-appropriate settings for each individual child.

To sign up to receive ongoing support and advice from ySafe while using Family Zone, please follow this link.

Restrict social media

Manage use of social apps and in-app purchasing. Block social media apps or allow access to them when desired.

Manage screen time

Set routines for what kids can access, and when. Internet access is switched off automatically at a set time.

Safe content

Block inappropriate content, filter YouTube videos, and moderate online searches.


Receive regular reports about your child's online activities, and receive regular information about new apps.



Life360 is a free platform that helps keep families connected. Parents can use the app to make phone calls and send text messages to kids, but Life360 goes beyond that to make sure parents know what's going on with their family at all times.

Parents can check in on kids by viewing their locations on a private map. which has proven invaluable to many parents of primary and pre-teen aged children. Parents love that they don't need to call or text their child, just check up on them in the app. It's a good way to make sure they made it to a friend's place or football training safely. 

Live location tracking

Locate children on the device in real time, giving specific addresses and tracking routes travelled.


Send alerts to family members, or make direct contact with kids over the app, to see if they arrived safely.


Visibility of battery life on each child's phone. Parents can see child's last location if phone battery dies.


Families can select who are in their 'Circle', in order to maintain privacy of family members' locations.

Useful Websites

See below for a list of all our favourite online resources for families and schools.


We like it for: Informative resources for parents, and reporting functions for cyber bullying and illegal content.


We like it for: Information for parents and young people about how to manage cyber safety incidences, 


We like it for: Up-to-date reviews and information about the latest platforms, apps, games and more.

game quitters

We like it for: Resource site for people struggling with excessive gaming behaviours, with a helpful online community board.


We like it for: Information for young people about their online rights and law relating to digital-topics. 


We like it for: 24 hour online counselling service for young people, with a particular focus on cyber bullying.

apple restrictions

We like it for: Step-by-step instructions on how to implement restrictions on Apple devices..

playstation controls

We like it for: Information on how to implement the in-built parental controls on Playstation consoles.

xbox controls

We like it for: Information on how to implement the in-built parental controls on Xbox consoles.

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