Student Cyber
Safety Education

Developed by our award-winning team, our student education sessions are dynamic and engaging, teaching students how they can enhance their online experiences through positive behaviour and cyber-smart choices.

Primary Students

digital citizenship education for primary students

Our Kindergarten - Year 6 sessions have been developed to educate students about the fundamental components of cyber safety. We offer developmentally-appropriate sessions which target the prominent cyber risks and digital platforms in given year groups.

We emphasise the constructive relationship children can have with technology under our positive digital citizenship ethos, and upskill students in understanding the importance of and ways to implement safe online practices.

Topics covered in a 45-60 minute session include:

Online ‘Stranger Danger’
& Catphishing 

Exploring the population of people on the internet, and highlighting the need for online safety (catphishing for older students only).

Protecting Personal Information

Discussion of what information is safe and unsafe to post online, including privacy settings and how information can be shared online,

Bullying & Online Etiquette

Exploration of compassionate communication online, including strategies for managing cyber bullying and where to seek help.

Staying Safe

Additional strategies for staying safe online, including safe online gaming practices, geolocation tracking and
age-restrictions on social media.

Secondary Students

digital citizenship education for secondary students

We offer education sessions for secondary students from Year 7 to Year 12. Specifically designed in collaboration with young people, these sessions are structured to be developmentally appropriate, engaging and interactive. Our sessions are strategy-rich, and aim to empower students with the tools that they need to navigate the online world safely.

Topics covered in a 45-60 minute session include:


We discuss the impacts of cyber bullying on both the victim and the bully, including promoting bystander empowerment. This topic has a strategy-heavy approach to upskill students in managing
cyber bullying .

Online Wellbeing &
Screen TIme

Students have reported to us that this is their current favourite topic! We explore the importance of managing screen time, including the impact on study distraction and sleep, excessive gaming, digital validation and self-esteem.

Sexting &
The Law

Exploration of the laws around 'sexting' and sharing of nude images. We discuss the broader social and emotional impacts of distribution, and provide strategies to manage inappropriate requests. 

Footprint & Online Reputation

We explore the concept of online reputations and personal branding, including exploring the impact on university and job prospects and strategies for harnessing a positive online image. 

96% of teachers say they recommend our sessions to other schools.

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