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While presenting a corporate session for employees, we asked the organiser:

'Wellness programs are usually about mental or physical health, why did you choose cyber safety?'

She replied-

"Because staff are parents. And their children's' online safety was consuming the minds of all parents in our office."

employee wellness programs- supporting the needs of parents and families

The wellbeing of employees is at the pillar of developing positive team culture and efficiency. Employee wellness programs have become increasingly utilised in the corporate sector after research findings supported the effectiveness of staff wellbeing initiatives in supporting morale and staff retention.

Supporting the wellbeing of staff not only involves attention to the other factors that feed in to these things. Particularly for staff who are parents, understanding that their children's wellbeing influences their mental health and stress levels as parents.

Technology has exploded in the households of all Australian families. Cyber safety, balancing screen time and cyber bullying are ever-present concerns expressed by parents. While managing their technology use is a daily challenge, most parents lack the confidence and knowledge to manage it effectively. Conversations and horror stories of cyber safety issues often enter into the workplace, with employees seeking guidance and advice from other staff who, whilst also bewildered themselves, share the similar digital challenges in their own homes.

Our sessions have been designed to help parents feel empowered about an area that constantly effects their lives, and to provide practical strategies to manage the challenging and ever-evolving area of children and technology.

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We know that organisations come in many shapes and sizes. We offer a variety of services to cater for the needs of all organisations, and are designed to directly address the needs of parents.


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The online content hub hosts information from our experts about important cyber safety topics such as gaming, screen time and social media. The hub also contains information about broader parenting topics such as mental health and managing stress. These video series contain interviews with nationally-recognised leaders in their fields. The online content hub can be white labeled to the organisation and accessed remotely by staff.


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Our engaging, practical and accredited sessions are delivered in-house by nationally recognised cyber safety experts. The sessions cover parents' main questions relating to cyber safety, including screen time, safe and unsafe social media and gaming. Following the session, all staff are provided access to follow-up information resources, and free access to our parent tutorial series. This series includes videos from leading cyber and parenting experts on all things cyber safety.



Staff are provided with access to their own personal cyber safety parental control tool. This tool allows parents to manage their children's devices, including blocking inappropriate social media, setting screen time schedules and receive insights on what social media or gaming apps are appropriate for children of certain ages. This tool can be used to manage all devices including phones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles. 

" -Her presentation culminated in the most positive feedback we have ever had from any external speaker that has fronted our staff."
Nicole Kidd, Managing Director | RBC Captial Markets

Hear what other staff think about our sessions.

"A quick email to say thanks so much for the Cyber event. What a practical, informative and engaging presentation. I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed by a speaker – Jordan was spectacular. My son is only little so I know the rules in the online space with change 15 times before I have to worry too much, but I will be following ySafe closely to keep up with the trends. The online resources look amazing."


"''Yas came to speak to our staff about cyber safety and parenting in the digital age. She spoke in a way that clearly crossed the divide between parents and kids, made us understand what it is like to grow up in a world where devices are the norm, and appreciate the enormous issues around peer pressure and youth mental health. Her presentation culminated in the most positive feedback we have ever had from any external speaker that has fronted our staff."


""It was an excellent session and I am very thankful that it was held. Thanks very much! As the mother of a teenage son and an IT dinosaur!! - I found the session invaluable – absolutely resonated with me."

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