Education is our best defence when it comes to helping students thrive in a digital world.

The ySafe Digital Citizenship Education Program is an engaging and dynamic program that equips students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to become positive & safe digital citizens.


What's included in the program?

- Primary or secondary cyber safety education scope and sequence.
- Curriculum linked lesson plans for years F-10.
- All teaching and learning resources.
- Teacher guidance and support notes.

What's different about our program?


We use student-centric teaching methods to empower students to take a leading role in building safe online communities.

Real-World Applicable

We strike a balance between providing learning that is research-based and incorporate contemporary real-world examples.

Relatable &

We reference language and platforms that students actually use and relate to.


We cater for diverse learners by using a range of ICT, practical, group work, and individual activities.

Pricing & Ordering

We know all schools' needs are different, so we have a variety of program options available.
To obtain prices or to order the program, please complete the form below.
(no credit card information or upfront payment required).