ySafe offer a variety of educational workshops on the topic of cyber safety, social media and digital wellbeing. Our suite of sessions are designed to target students of all ages, and are adapted to be developmentally relevant for Kindergarten to Year 12 students. 

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Workshop Content & Structure

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Primary Students

Kindergarten - Year 6 

Secondary Students

Year 7 - Year 12

Parent Education

Parent Cyber
Safety Education

Staff Development

Professional Development
Sessions for School Staff

esafety packages

Information about our discounted eSafety Packages can be found on our eSafety page.


Affirmative & Practical

We advocate the philosophy that technology plays an important and positive role within our society, including the field of education. We therefore promote the positive use of technology, while educating around practical strategies for minimising cyber safety risks. 

Diverse Expertise

Our sessions have been developed by a national team of experts. Workshop content has been developed collaboratively  by Child & Adolescent Psychologists, Child Development Experts, Teachers and Law Enforcement Specialists.

Curriculum Links

Student and staff sessions have been structured to reflect Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and Australian Curriculum Standards. Our sessions also expand upon principles documented in the Protective Behaviours Framework.

Modern & Engaging

Our sessions have been designed based upon consultation and feedback from students, parents and staff, to ensure that our sessions are relevant and engaging. We frame content around 'real-life' stories, that result in powerful audience engagement.

WHAT'S IT LIKE HAVING US at your school?
see what others HAD TO SAY

"On behalf of the school community, staff and the KidsMatter Action Team thank you so much for the informative and practical Cyber Safety presentations.

Your professionalism spreads across all areas of the business, ease of registration, correspondence and follow up, quality and detail of information, appropriate content for students, tone and method in the delivery of the presentation to parents and accessibility in the question session that followed.

Thank you once again Jordan, for an outstanding presentation and for coming out to Serpentine on a cold dark night. It was very much appreciated."

- Jen Blomfield, Kids Matter Team Leader, Serpentine Primary School

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