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ySafe offers a number of services to schools and businesses, with an aim to provide comprehensive and targeted strategies for managing cyber safety.
See below for an outline of these services.

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Cyber Safety Policy Documents

Aggregating our expert insights and experience in schools across Australia, our comprehensive Cyber Safety Policy uniquely addresses cyber safety and ICT practices in a way that boilerplate policies fail to address. The Cyber Safety Policy includes an ICT Policy, Mobile Device Policy, and Privacy Policy, including documents for parents and lesson plans for staff in developing ‘Digital Citizenship Pledges’ with students.

Our policies overcome commonly-observed policy weaknesses by :
- Promoting a comprehensive school community approach to cyber safety.
- Maximising transparency and reduce ambiguity around the roles and responsibilities of school staff, parents, and students.
- Reflecting and addressing the current features, behaviours, and consequent cyber safety risks associated with the online world.
- Encouraging positive online behaviour opposed to fixating on problematic behaviour.

Digtial Citizenship Education Program

Our research-based Digital Citizenship Education Program provides a comprehensive plan for classroom cyber safety education, at the lesson level, from Years F-10.

Our program is curriculum linked and has been designed to help schools provide a comprehensive, relevant and developmentally appropriate cyber safety education experienc

Half-Day Student Leadership Program

Our interactive, half day program invites student leaders to contribute their insights regarding the current state of cyber safety within the school.

Our expert facilitators work with students to create a ‘brains trust," inviting them to share their voices, knowledge and experiences of the current online climate, and devising positive and proactive strategies by students for students.

Online Safety Framework

Designed to address the current climate of technology use across school environments, our innovative Online Safety Framework offers a complete guide to adopting a school-wide approach to cyber safety. Derived from current evidence-based research, the framework consists of a rubric of practical implementation items that outlines compliance and best practice standards in creating a cyber safe school.

The framework is structured to address six core elements:
- Policies and Procedures
- Communication Engagement
- Education & Support
- Technology Infrastructure
- Staff Leadership & Conduct
- Incident Management

Cyber Safety Resource Kit

Our resource kit offers our key cyber safety resources within a discounted package rate. Our resources are designed to cohesively integrate with elements outlined within the online safety framework (left). Alternatively, schools can opt to adopt individual documents as standalone resources. Within the complete resource kit, schools will receive the following items: 

Online Safety Framework 
Incident Management Resource 
Cyber Safety Policy
(including ICT policy, mobile device policy and privacy policy)
Digital Citizenship Education Program  
(for students F-10)

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