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ySafe offers a number of services to schools and businesses, with an aim to provide comprehensive and targeted strategies for managing cyber safety.
See below for an outline of these services.

Service guide

ySafe aims to provide Australian schools and organisations with a solutions-based approach to cyber safety management. The ySafe cyber safety framework is based upon the following vision:

‘All Australian schools, families and students are provided the opportunity to access technology in a safe, informed and supported environment, and provide a solid foundation to build young peoples' capacity to navigate social media and technology safely across their lifespan’.

ySafe work with individual schools or corporate bodies to develop bespoke cyber safety programs, based upon our existing library of research and expertise, and integrated into the needs of the organisation. All solutions developed for schools or corporate bodies are individualised to address unique demographics or needs. Examples of domains where ySafe can provide assistance are detailed below:

                                           - School Needs Assessment

                                            - Policy & Documentation Development

                                            - Intervention and Management Procedures

                                           - Coordination of Education and Staff Up-Skilling

                                            - School Resources and Education Tools

                                            - Ongoing Consultation & Advice

ySafe offers cyber safety assessments for schools and businesses. The purpose of the assessment is to provide schools with an overview of their current cyber safety practices, and offer strategic action recommendations to improve cyber safety education and management.

Cyber safety assessments cover areas such as:

                                            - Student Privacy Rating

                                            - Online School/Business Reputation

                                            - Staff Professional Conduct

                                            - Parent Engagement

                                            - Online Student Behaviours

                                            - Online Community Engagement

                                            - Policy Information & Accessibility

ySafe offers focussed school support that is individualised depending on the needs of the school. Support can be offered in the form of consultation and advice, policy development, guidance in developing educational programs, incident response management and mediation between parents, students and the school.

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