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family zone

Family Zone is one of the world's leading tools for managing your child's online behaviour. Family Zone allows parents to set bedtimes for kids, control websites and social media platforms their child has access to, and provides security both in and outside of the home.

ySafe has partnered with Family Zone as a Cyber Expert. We provide our unique expert advice to set custom-designed age appropriate profiles for your kids, and provide you with information about what social media sites we think are safe for your kids to use. It's like having a cyber safety expert constantly at your disposal, helping you to keep your kids safe online at all times.

Safe Content

Block inappropriate content, restrict social media and moderate online searches.

Manage Screen Time

Set up routines
and manage the time
your kids are online. 

Home & Mobile

Works on any device at home and on smart devices when kids are out and about.

Simple Set-Up

It’s super easy to get started. Sign up now and get one month free.

This website is designed for use by both parents and children and gives a comprehensive outline of safety measures to put in place to ensure your children are accessing the online world in a safe environment.

This website provides up to date information on current trends, and provides strategies to keep kids safe from online predators and bullies

is an outstanding tool that uses scare tactics to teach children why privacy settings on social media sites are absolutely integral to online safety. Please note that this website is not for use with young children.


For those who may be interested in the statistics of social media trends, this video by Erik Qualman is an eye-opening insight into the social media revolution. Please take into account that this video is over two years old, so the figures would be larger than what are stated in the video. A great starting point for parents to see how much our world is changing due to technology.